Alunotec SF-300 series Aluminum Window Frame

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Alunotec SF-300 series Aluminum Window Frame adopts 6063T5 aluminum profile as the frame, the frame color is silver, brown, black and white, you can choose as needed, if you want to customize the color, please provide the color card to us, we will produce the color you need. As for the Polypropylene clips, it is made of high-quality Polypropylene, and the optional colors are white and black. It also makes it possible to install glass blades or aluminum alloy blades that are 5mm or 6mm thick. The flat steel handle, makes it convenient for you to open and close it. It also suits ergonomic design, and it makes it easy to use.

The SF-300 series Alunotec Louver Frame is one of the best-selling models in Australia, Fiji, and so on. Because it's a very cost effective model.

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