Louver Frame Window Makes Your House Attractive

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Louvre Frame 02

As we can see from high grade residence such as villas, glass window will take up a big part of decorative function, as glass window will bring more lights, better viewing, and a kind of fashion atmosphere. But traditional glass window will make the building monotonous, then glass sash window will make a great help to break this feeling.

Glass blade window is a kind of decorative louver window to create air ventilation function, and to make the glass window into a louver frame glass partition. This kind of accordion appearance is no doubt very popular among people, can be widely used in passage, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, balcony, even a small corner of house.

Glass blade window is a price-cheap louver window, but not a kind of quality or function “cheap” window. Considering its own unique advantages, we believe it will never go out of style.

Louvre Frame 01

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