The eye and nose of house

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O-Louvre Frame (9)

Air purifiers are becoming more and more important now because people continue to improve and improve the quality of life in their lives. People prefer to live in a place with fresh air, bright light, and a comfortable environment. So for a house, windows are very important. Not every home is equipped with an air purifier, but windows are indeed the “nose” and “eyes” of a house. The eyes can shine through and let you The house sprinkles the footprints of sunlight, and the nose can achieve ventilation, allowing the house to breathe fresh air.

There are more and more styles of windows, such as shutters, sliding windows, sliding folding windows, and so on. What I recommend to you today is a simple and economical blind, which is a collection of blind brackets on the left and right sides with various types of leaves.

The blades can be transparent glass, opaque wooden strips, or aluminum panels. The classic Louver frame will never lose the modern and elegant atmosphere. The art of architecture comes from life, combined with people's needs and ideas, and a window reflects The style of a house that realizes the health and comfort of a family's life, seeing the world through the blinds.

Windows are closely related to people's lives, and customizable louver brackets are born accordingly.

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